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Meet Joan Cerio

Welcome to the Art of Heart and my website! I will be your guide for your heart adventures. All of my work is heart-centered: from my books, to my love of Mother Earth, to my work to help us create heart-centered communities. I have been following my heart for decades and have studied the physical and metaphysical heart. I even wrote a book about the creative heart!


The focus of my work is to help us to awaken through our hearts, to inform us about this time of great change, and to find ways we can work together during this Shift. One way I do this is through my blog, Life Lines...for a New World, Inspirational words to live in the now and navigate the new through your heart.

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Choose a Heart Adventure!

Learn how your heart can bring magic into your life. 

Learn how to use your heart to help Mother Earth and how we can create a New Earth.

Learn how to create and live

in heart-centered communities.

Why is it so important to follow your heart?

Your heart's electromagnetic field is connected to the earth's electromagnetic field. As the earth changes, we change and vice versa. The earth and our solar system are going through a large cycle of change that happens about every 12,000 years. We are fast approaching the end of a cycle. Many of us will experience the Shift of Ages in our lifetimes. We already know things are changing by the extreme weather events and increased Earth changes. It is more important than ever for us to live from our hearts and work together to make it through this Shift. For more information on the Shift and the changes to come, you can watch my video, Living in the Shift of Ages below. You can keep current with Earth changes through my Facebook group, Earth Energy Forecast and my podcast with the same name.

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"The light from a million candles cannot compare to

the light that shines from an awakened heart."

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