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The Art of Heart Magic

As more and more light pours in from the galactic center, photon belt, and our sun, our consciousness expands. As it expands, our frequency increases. This increases the ability of our hearts to create. What you focus on, think about, and truly desire can manifest more quickly. This is the magic.

Magic happens when we think of someone and they call. It happens when someone shows up right when we need them. It happens when we follow our guidance and go a different way home and end up helping someone who needed our help. Magic also happens when we feel joy in our hearts and express it. I bet you can think of many more ways that magic can happen. The key to accessing the magic lies in keeping your vibration high. How can you tap into this heart magic? Here are some simple ways.

Children Playing

1) PLAY!  Many adults do not allow themselves time to play. Play can mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean playing with their children, pretending they are a king or queen or a race car driver. For others, it may be skipping, dancing, drawing - whatever their heart calls them to do that brings joy. Play keeps you in the present moment, reduces stress, and promotes collaborative creative solutions.

2) BE IN NATURE  Consciously connect your heart to trees, flowers, bees, birds, etc. Notice how each connection feels. Breathe deeply. Celebrate the sun, moon, stars, rain, snow, and wind. Grounding in nature by walking barefoot, clears your energy. 

Father and Daughter
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3) CONNECT WITH MOTHER EARTH  This can be part of being in nature but not necessarily. You can do this through meditation where you imagine your heart is connected to the heart of Mother Earth. Look, listen, and feel what she has to tell you. Thank her for all she gives to you each day.

4) PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNS  Have you ever had the experience of saying or thinking of a word or phrase and simultaneously you see it on the TV, read it in a book, or someone speaks it? This sign tells you that you are in sync with the Universe and are acutely aware of your surroundings. Perhaps you wake up at the same time each night at 3:33. Numbers, animals, plants, license plates, overheard conversations can all be signs. Animals and plants have totem medicine and meaning that you can look up along with the meaning of numbers. The more you pay attention, the more signs that will appear.

Direction Signs
Yoga pose

5) MOVE  Moving your body increases circulation and chi, the energy that flows through your body. Intentional movement such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong all help to open the energy channels in your body, increase circulation and flexibility, and serve to quiet the mind - something that it very important when practicing the next step.

6) MEDITATE  Meditation does not have to be done sitting or lying down. Walking, running, gardening, cooking, etc. when done consciously, can become a form of meditation. Focusing on your breath, a candle, or repeating a mantra can help. Meditation done outside can be more powerful because you are in the energy of nature and sunlight or moonlight.

Sitting Meditation

7) BREATHE  Stress can cause us to hold our breath. The breath, which brings in oxygen, is necessary for cellular respiration that converts oxygen and glucose into energy in the form of ATP. We need energy for life, creation, and any form of magic! Throughout the day, take deep slow breaths starting from expanding your belly and then your chest and fully exhaling.

8) ALLOW & ACCEPT  Allow things to come and manifest in divine timing. Divine timing is quite different that human timing. Feel when it is time to start or complete things. Going with the flow of Universal or divine timing is following when your heart feels it is time to do something. Accepting means to accept what happens in your life without judgement or wasting energy wishing things were different. Accept what is and ask your heart if there is anything that needs to be done and when.

Rock Balancing
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9) FOLLOW YOUR HEART  This really is the culmination of all of the above. When you follow your heart, you go with the flow of energy, allowing and accepting what is. You want to play and let joy overflow. You naturally do what you love and what you love supports you. The Universe conspires for you. Doors of all kinds open. Magic is an everyday occurrence. 

Practice the nine steps daily. Keep a daily journal of magical happenings and you will be amazed at the amount of magic in your life! As I was creating this website, I was listening to videos and on numerous occasions the word that I was typing was spoken at the exact same moment! Become the magician!

The Magician card in the Tarot represents the power to create through the connection of the physical and spiritual worlds and the Hermetic teaching of as above so below.

"A true creator creates with one hand in Earth and the other in Heaven." ~Heartwired to Heaven

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