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The Heart of Community

As Earth changes and severe weather events become more common, it will become increasingly evident that the best way to survive these changes is to live in a self-sustaining community of like-hearted people. Some researchers say a solar flare large enough to take down the grid may occur around 2030. Just think of everything that relies on electricity and you will soon see the enormity of this solar event.


Ideally, the community will be off grid with a clean water source nearby and a diversity of skilled members to provide vital services. Many communities already exist but need to become more self-sufficient. If you would like to a part of a community or if you know of existing communities, please consider becoming part of our Heart of Community Group and share your information with others. Other helpful information includes your skills, experience on how to form communities and community living, how to build structures off the grid, alternative energy sources, etc. This group is meant to be a clearinghouse of information and a means to connect to facilitate the forming of these communities. I am looking forward to connecting with you! Just click the button below to join.