Heart of Earth

On this page, you will find Earth-related projects and information

that I offer from my heart to the heart of Mother Earth!

Heart Light Project


Heart Light Project

In 1997, research was conducted at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen Germany on light emitted from the heart using heart rhythm meditation. They found that the amount of ambient light that is emitted from the heart increased from 20 photons to 100,000 photons when heart-centered meditation is focused on something or someone needing healing. The meditation entails visualizing breathing up your spine from the earth to your crown where your attention is held for a moment before completely exhaling down your spine and out your heart toward the person or thing needing healing.


I created the Heart Light Project that uses this technique to send light and healing energy to Mother Earth. During this time of great change, the earth needs all the light, love and healing she can get to heal herself from what we have done to her and to help her through the Shift.


If you are interested in helping Mother Earth, please listen and perform the meditation below. I no longer do the live YouTube meditations. Thank you for helping our Mother!


Earth Energy Forecast

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I started the Earth Energy Forecast podcast on BlogTalkRadio in 2019. If you go to my Podcast page, you can listen to the shows in the archives. I occasionally do a new podcast here as I use my YouTube channel more. I created a Facebook group with the same name that is open to anyone who would like to join. There you will find updates on the latest Earth changes, videos, and more.


Envisioning a New Earth

This is my YouTube channel where you will find interviews on topics such as 5G, nuclear power, Earth catastrophe cycle, Mayan Calendar, Native prophecy, alternative forms of energy, spirituality, the Galactic Superwave Theory and more! I will be conducting the Heart Light Project through my YouTube channel.

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Here is my latest interview/video.